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Planet Paintings 2020


Exhibition Runs from: Monday 21st September - Sunday 27th September, 11am to 5pm daily (Please email to book a time slot
Venue: Pen Hill Barn, Monkton Deverill, Warminster


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Catalogue available here


An Exhibition of recent works with a more global perspective. Relating to the previous English song line and Somerset Lanes shows Planet paintings explores further our relationship with nature and the wild in the context of current changing times. The artist looks for universal pattern and form in nature that connects us with a view to new beginnings and also with our origins.


"as a global race we have become physically detached and isolated through things like social distancing, self-isolation and ‘lockdown’ yet we are also united in the predicament of a planetwide pandemic at a time of unprecedented human impact the natural world. These threats challenge our way of life and our relationship with nature and each other"


Completed during winter 2019 and up to summer 2020 the work is the product of figurative plein air observation of local places and a more experimental tachisme style. Luke takes artistic inspiration from a number of sources; prehistoric rock painting, Australian indigenous art, c19th European impressionist artists such as Van Gough, Monet and Augusto Giacometti, the work of the British war artists such as Sutherland Nash and his grandfather John Piper which led to post WWII abstract expressionism and the work of Pollock and Joan Mitchell. With these influences he is motivated by the landscape itself.


"I’m interested in the often unseen geology of a landscape and the ways through and across it. In the same larger field of view, one notices the detail of sky, moon or sunlight through the hawthorn branches, reflections in puddles or the flecks of black mica against quartz crystals in a Cornish menhir. The familiarity connects me to place and simultaneously to other places which I somehow want to include in the work. It can’t be done with a conventional composition though and the problems of representing this is really the explanation for the show


Our knowledge horizons are expanding simultaneously in to a world of new planets, black holes and microbes. Some pieces that look like they could be the viewed through the lens of a telescope or a microscope with a sense of projected or magnified objects in the darkness yet they all relate to his connection with these local lanes, byways and leylines."


The concept of darkness and light is also key to the show and some ways this reflect the anxiety and morbid reality of recent times as well as the offer of hope and deliverance in to light.


Pen Hill Barn is located in the chalk uplands above the River Wyle between Glastonbury and Old Sarum not far from Stonehenge. On an Romano-British trade route and close to where King Alfred gathered his troops before the Viking battle of Ethandun in 878.


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