The Michael and Mary Currents

The Sun and the Serpent. Authors Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller


In the late 1980's author Paul Broadhurst and one of Britain's best-known dowsers followed this route and documented the journey from Cornwall to Hopton-on-Sea on the Suffolk / Norfolk borders. The journey which took over two years, is recorded in a book called The Sun and the Serpent. (Penwith Press 1989). What they discovered is that there are 2 energy currents called the Michael and Mary currents that weave their way along this line Intersecting at node points along the way. What they were doing was I think very closely aligned to the Australian walkabout and their recorded route described in the book is in essence and English songline.


"...My exhibition 'An English Songline' follows this journey. The image below plots the route in close detail through field and hedge, across motorway and through towns and villages. Following these currents I discovered not just famous places, ancient monuments and churches built on ancient sacred sites but also hidden and unexpected out of the way places – the corner of a car park, a farmyard, a mono cropped field, an area of wasteland, a certain spot along a footpath or the stump of an ancient tree. There I would find a small shrine of offerings or fabric tied to a branch, flowers, rice, memorabilia, letters, poems and evidence of people using the site for moments of reflection, contemplation, prayer and recognition of our place within the cosmos. These places all emanate a strong spirit of space and a distinct atmosphere or feeling identifiable with its 'Mary' or 'Michael' location. Along the two routes there are markers that if clicked on will open images over a 100 paintings that were completed along the way..."


The Michael and Mary Currents Map

The Michael and Mary Currents (click the map above for more detail)