"...the colour, light and structure of our surroundings fascinates the more you observe until you finally unearth the raw spirit of it all and come home feeling infinitely satisfied and strangely human..."


Current Exhibition


Summer of Love - St Moritz

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December 2017 - February 2018

Exhibition of Swiss paintings from the summer of 2018
Kunstgalerie Central St. Moritz (click for gallery website)

"Like the paintings, the journeys we take in the Engadin are about the character of places that comes from not just the geology and underlying strata but also the unseen magic that is beyond the pure physical appearance of a place. It's a voyage of discovery into the collective relationship with our landscape that inspires us and connects us both to each other and to nature…"

Working en plein air, these recent paintings are a response to the air, ever changing light and weather in the mountains, valleys, lakes and streams that seem to be part of the culture.



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